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MiBACT: A Practical Guide to Rediscovering Common Sense!


Beatrice Zagato    -    

Pierpaolo Carbone    Studio Lemme Avvocati Associati, Roma, Italia    


Art. 12(2) of the 2004 Code of Cultural Heritage stipulates that the Ministry shall dictate the general guidelines which the public offices responsible for assessing the cultural nature of a private good must adhere to. The same reference is made in art. 68(4); 4(1); 29(5); 71(4); 72(4) of the Code. Yet neither MIBAC (first) nor MIBACT (subsequently) have ever set the parameters required by the regulation. How, then, can the efficiency, equity and transparency of administrative action be ensured if it lacks that essential ‘uniformity of assessment’ placed, by the legislator, at the basis of the most significant measures related to the circulation and preservation of the cultural good?

Lingua: en

keywords: Cultural goods. Certificate of free circulation. Cultural interest.

Submitted: 13 Gennaio 2017
Accepted: 21 Marzo 2017
Published: 31 Dicembre 2017
permalink: http://doi.org/10.14277/6969-052-5/SE-4-50

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